Nomenclature for Factors of the HLA System

HLA Workshops

The Nomenclature Committee has convened at a number of the following International HLA Workshops:

Workshop Year Chair Venue Advances
1st 1964 DB Amos Durham, USA Definition of "Hu-1", "LA" and "Four" antigen specificities
2nd 1965 JJ van Rood Leiden, The Netherlands Mixed lymphocyte culture testing
3rd 1967 R Ceppellini Torino, Italy Family studies; HLA in renal transplantation
4th 1970 PI Terasaki Los Angeles, USA Definition of 27 HLA-A, HLA-B and HLA-C specificities
5th 1972 J Dausset Evian, France Worldwide typing of 49 populations
6th 1975 F Kissmeyer-Nielsen Aarhus, Denmark Description of Dw specificities
7th 1977 WF Bodmer Oxford, UK Definition of DR1-7 specificities; HTC testing
8th 1980 PI Terasaki Los Angeles, USA Definition of MB (DQ) and MT (DR52/53); HLA in transplantation and disease
9th 1984 EA Albert/W Mayr Munich, Germany
Vienna, Austria
New class I and II specificities; HLA class II in renal transplantation
10th 1987 B Dupont Princeton, USA Establishment of RFLP; T cell clones; HTC methods; Biochemistry 1D IEF, 2D-gels; Creation of a panel of homozygous cell lines
11th 1991 T Sasazuki/K Tsuji/M Aizawa Yokohama, Japan HLA Class II PCR DNA typing; Anthropology
12th 1996 D Charron St Malo/Paris, France HLA Class I PCR DNA typing; Anthropology
13th 2002 J Hansen Victoria, Canada
Seattle, USA
Virtual DNA analysis; Identification of SNP markers; Anthropology; Disease association; HSCT
14th 2005 J McCluskey Melbourne, Australia MHC and anthropology; Disease; Infection; HSCT; Cancer; KIR; Cytokine genes
15th 2008 M Gerbase de Lima/ME Moraes Buzios/Rio de Janerio, Brazil Anthropology; HSCT; Informatics
16th 2012 SGE Marsh/D Middleton Liverpool, UK NGS, HSCT
17th 2017 M Fernandez-Viña Asilomar, USA NGS, HSCT
18th 2021 S Heidt/E Spierings Amsterdam, The Netherlands To be determined