Nomenclature for Factors of the HLA System

May 2018

Compiled by Steven G. E. Marsh for the WHO Nomenclature Committee for Factors of the HLA System.

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The following sequences have been submitted to the Nomenclature Committee since the April 2018 nomenclature update and, following agreed policy, have been assigned official allele designations. Full details of all sequences will be published in a forthcoming report.

Below are listed the newly assigned sequences (Table 1) and confirmations of previously reported sequences (Table 2). The accession number of each sequence is given and these can be used to retrieve the sequence files from the EMBL, GenBank or DDBJ data libraries. Although accession numbers have been assigned by the data-libraries and most sequences are already available, there is still the possibility that an author may not yet have allowed the sequence to be released; in such a case you will have to contact the submitting author directly. Additional information pertaining to new sequences is often included in the publications describing these alleles; a listing of recent publications that describe new HLA sequences is given in Table 3.

All new and confirmatory sequences should now be submitted directly to the WHO Nomenclature Committee for Factors of the HLA System via the IMGT/HLA Database using the sequence submission tool provided (2). The IMGT/HLA Database may be accessed via the world wide web at :

Table 1: New Sequences

SequenceCell identificationAccession numberSubmitting author
A*01:01:01:14BY01570MH179253Prof Carolyn K Hurley
A*01:01:01:15321406MH269332Dr Vera Balz
A*01:01:86DKMS-LSL-A-2089LT972128Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*01:01:87DKMS-LSL-A-2173LT971288Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*01:01:88DKMS-LSL-A-2151LT971266Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*01:01:89DKMS-LSL-A-2174LT971289Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*01:254DKMS-LSL-A-2088LT972127Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*01:255DKMS-LSL-A-2124LT972163Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*01:256DKMS-LSL-A-2190LT971305Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*01:257DKMS-LSL-A-2185LT971300Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*01:258NDKMS-LSL-A-2178LT971293Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*01:259DKMS-LSL-A-2156LT971271Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*01:260DKMS-LSL-A-2189LT971304Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*01:261HG00015473MG930527Dr Histogenetics
A*01:88:03DKMS-LSL-A-2118LT972157Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*02:01:01:31DKMS-LSL-A-2109LT972148Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*02:01:01:32CD-21501MH069728Mr Jeremy Sherrill
A*02:01:01:33301247MH269334Dr Vera Balz
A*02:01:01:34312147,312148,312150MH269333Dr Vera Balz
A*02:01:138DKMS-LSL-A-2107LT972146Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*02:01:139DKMS-LSL-A-2162LT971277Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*02:01:140DKMS-LSL-A-2183LT971298Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*02:01:141DKMS-LSL-A-2145LT971260Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*02:01:142HG00015472MG930526Dr Histogenetics
A*02:02:01:04291956MH269335Dr Vera Balz
A*02:11:01:02314003MH269344Dr Vera Balz
A*02:727DKMS-LSL-A-2083LT972122Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*02:728DKMS-LSL-A-2104LT972143Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*02:729DKMS-LSL-A-2106LT972145Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*02:730DKMS-LSL-A-2108LT972147Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*02:731DKMS-LSL-A-2191LT971306Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*02:732DKMS-LSL-A-2181LT971296Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*02:733DKMS-LSL-A-2169LT971284Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*02:734DKMS-LSL-A-2165LT971280Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*02:735DKMS-LSL-A-2144LT971259Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*02:736DKMS-LSL-A-2147LT971262Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*02:737HG00015478MG930532Dr Histogenetics
A*02:738HG00015481MG930535Dr Histogenetics
A*02:739HG00015494MG930548Dr Histogenetics
A*02:740HG00015495MG930549Dr Histogenetics
A*02:741LIFT053MH301276Dr Paul Norman
A*03:01:01:16DKMS-LSL-A-2137LT971252Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*03:01:01:17BY01571MH179254Prof Carolyn K Hurley
A*03:01:01:18318487MH269336Dr Vera Balz
A*03:01:68DKMS-LSL-A-2125LT972164Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*03:01:69DKMS-LSL-A-2184LT971299Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*03:01:70BY01569MH179252Prof Carolyn K Hurley
A*03:295DKMS-LSL-A-2132LT972171Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*03:296DKMS-LSL-A-2115LT972154Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*03:297NDKMS-LSL-A-2101LT972140Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*03:298DKMS-LSL-A-2177LT971292Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*03:299DKMS-LSL-A-2172LT971287Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*03:300DKMS-LSL-A-2160LT971275Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*03:301HG00015492MG930546Dr Histogenetics
A*03:302HG00015498MG930552Dr Histogenetics
A*03:303M05MH129004Mr Brian Dukek
A*03:304MGM-9MH244506Ms Vibhuti Rambani
A*03:305DKMS-LSL-A-2519LS398214Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*11:01:01:08DKMS-LSL-A-2148LT971263Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*11:01:82DKMS-LSL-A-2149,DKMS-LSL-A-2086LT971264,LT972125Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*11:01:83HG00015429MG769725Dr Histogenetics
A*11:01:84HG00015485MG930539Dr Histogenetics
A*11:281HG00013269MF170292Dr Histogenetics
A*11:282DKMS-LSL-A-2134LT972173Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*11:283DKMS-LSL-A-2113LT972152Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*11:284DKMS-LSL-A-2127LT972166Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*11:285DKMS-LSL-A-2182LT971297Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*11:286DKMS-LSL-A-2175LT971290Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*11:287NDKMS-LSL-A-2146LT971261Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*23:01:22DKMS-LSL-A-2138,DKMS-LSL-A-2139LT971253,LT971254Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*24:02:107DKMS-LSL-A-2102LT972141Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*24:02:108HG00014390MG756757Dr Histogenetics
A*24:02:109MGM-5MG886869Ms Vibhuti Rambani
A*24:403DKMS-LSL-A-2128LT972167Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*24:404DKMS-LSL-A-2167,DKMS-LSL-A-2166LT971282,LT971281Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*24:405DKMS-LSL-A-2140LT971255Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*25:01:01:03DKMS-LSL-A-2188,DKMS-LSL-A-2129LT971303,LT972168Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*25:01:01:04DKMS-LSL-A-2142LT971257Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*25:01:13HG00013979MG701454Dr Histogenetics
A*25:47DKMS-LSL-A-2119LT972158Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*25:48DKMS-LSL-A-2136LT971251Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*26:01:01:10DKMS-LSL-A-2103LT972142Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*26:01:01:11DKMS-LSL-A-2193LT971308Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*26:01:47BST1348836MH077560Dr Maria Jose Herrero
A*26:150DKMS-LSL-A-2130LT972169Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*26:151DKMS-LSL-A-2111LT972150Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*26:152DKMS-LSL-A-2176LT971291Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*26:153DKMS-LSL-A-2161LT971276Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*26:154HG00015491MG930545Dr Histogenetics
A*26:15581179408 MH135283Dr Daniel Fuerst
A*29:01:01:03322443MH269338Dr Vera Balz
A*29:01:10DKMS-LSL-A-2187LT971302Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*29:02:23DKMS-LSL-A-2112LT972151Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*29:02:24HG00013944MG701419Dr Histogenetics
A*29:02:25316009MH269339Dr Vera Balz
A*29:11319840805LT985893Ms Li Pan
A*30:01:01:02313409MH269340Dr Vera Balz
A*30:130N315519MH269343Dr Vera Balz
A*32:01:01:06314030MH350865Dr Vera Balz
A*33:147MGM-8MH208854Ms Vibhuti Rambani
A*68:01:02:07319916MH269341Dr Vera Balz
A*68:02:01:04299102MH269342Dr Vera Balz
A*68:1782017-2459MH182678Dr Mauro Castagnetta
B*14:01:01:03BY01573MH179256Prof Carolyn K Hurley
B*14:02:16324498MH269353Dr Vera Balz
B*15:01:01:13BY01575MH179258Prof Carolyn K Hurley
B*15:01:42HG00014865MG805390Dr Histogenetics
B*15:02:01:02MGM-4MG886870Ms Vibhuti Rambani
B*15:17:07319357MH269345Dr Vera Balz
B*18:01:01:10BY01574MH179257Prof Carolyn K Hurley
B*18:01:27315476MH269346Dr Vera Balz
B*27:05:02:06BY01576MH179259Prof Carolyn K Hurley
B*27:05:02:07314496,314497MH269354Dr Vera Balz
B*37:01:01:03314042MH269348Dr Vera Balz
B*37:01:13317045MH269347Dr Vera Balz
B*41:02:01:02322124MH269349Dr Vera Balz
B*44:03:01:11318751MH269351Dr Vera Balz
B*44:284316205MH170294Dr Elena Longhi
B*49:01:01:03BY01572MH179255Prof Carolyn K Hurley
B*56:01:01:06BST1339632MH229823Dr Francesc Rudilla
B*56:56lift026MH301277Dr Paul Norman
B*58:01:01:05314619MH269352Dr Vera Balz
C*01:02:01:09318396MH350867Dr Vera Balz
C*01:154P11425MH352425Prof Faming Zhu
C*01:155308658MH350866Dr Vera Balz
C*02:140DKMS-LSL-C-1823LT964824Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
C*03:02:180107760MH135312Miss Chun-Ying Lin
C*03:389DKMS-LSL-C-1842LT964843Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
C*04:07:02DKMS-LSL-C-1843LT964844Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
C*05:01:39DKMS-LSL-C-1839LT964840Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
C*06:02:54DKMS-LSL-C-1816LT964817Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
C*06:219DKMS-LSL-C-1828LT964829Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
C*07:01:01:20309818MH269360Dr Vera Balz
C*07:01:01:21298951MH269359Dr Vera Balz
C*07:01:01:22304281MH269357Dr Vera Balz
C*07:01:01:23316058MH269358Dr Vera Balz
C*07:02:01:20315392MH269361Dr Vera Balz
C*07:629DKMS-LSL-C-1844LT964845Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
C*07:630BST012MH059570Dr Francesc Rudilla
C*07:631304040MH269362Dr Vera Balz
C*08:167DKMS-LSL-C-1845LT964846Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
C*12:03:01:11309387MH269364Dr Vera Balz
C*12:03:01:12312202MH269365Dr Vera Balz
C*12:03:01:13321123,321124MH269366Dr Vera Balz
C*12:03:49307289,307390MH269363Dr Vera Balz
C*14:02:24DKMS-LSL-C-1833LT964834Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
C*15:156N309367MH269367Dr Vera Balz
C*16:01:01:05324311MH269368Dr Vera Balz
DRB1*01:88HG00014584MG756891Dr Histogenetics
DRB1*01:89HG00015663MG930638Dr Histogenetics
DRB1*03:146HG00015662MG930637Dr Histogenetics
DRB1*04:252HG00015664MG930639Dr Histogenetics
DRB1*08:03:08HG00015665MG930640Dr Histogenetics
DRB1*08:86HG00015672MG930647Dr Histogenetics
DRB1*11:227HG00015677MG930652Dr Histogenetics
DRB1*11:228171008559001MH049486Dr Mehdi Alizadeh
DRB1*13:02:15HG00015673MG930648Dr Histogenetics
DRB1*13:259HG00015674MG930649Dr Histogenetics
DRB1*13:260HG00015681MG930658Dr Histogenetics
DRB1*13:261HG00015683MG930660Dr Histogenetics
DRB1*14:04:06HG00015680MG930657Dr Histogenetics
DRB1*14:198HG00015675MG930650Dr Histogenetics
DRB1*14:199HG00015676MG930651Dr Histogenetics
DRB1*16:10:02HG00014344,HG00014355MG584089,MG603171Dr Histogenetics
DRB3*01:40:02NHG00014664MG769866Dr Histogenetics
DRB3*01:48HG00015685MG930666Dr Histogenetics
DRB3*02:75HG00014665MG769867Dr Histogenetics
DRB3*02:76HG00014673MG805464Dr Histogenetics
DRB3*02:77HG00015684MG930663Dr Histogenetics
DQB1*03:2817311721814MH211596Mr Ang Sun
DQB1*03:282NP11385MH243550Prof Faming Zhu
DQB1*04:50HG00015659MG930730Dr Histogenetics
DQB1*05:02:15HG00015632MG930701Dr Histogenetics
DQB1*05:161HG00015638MG930708Dr Histogenetics
DQB1*06:02:34HG00015641MG930711Dr Histogenetics
DQB1*06:09:09HG00015644MG930714Dr Histogenetics
DQB1*06:270HG00015617MG930684Dr Histogenetics
DQB1*06:271HG00015625MG930693Dr Histogenetics
DQB1*06:272HG00015646MG930716Dr Histogenetics
DQB1*06:273HG00015657MG930728Dr Histogenetics
DQB1*06:2740107781MH135313Miss Chun-Ying Lin
DPB1*02:01:29HG00016273MH173772Dr Histogenetics
DPB1*04:01:01:27DKMS-LSL-DPB1-1671LT719004Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
DPB1*20:01:01:02DKMS-LSL-DPB1-1655LT718989Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
MICB*005:09WN41MG892345Prof Tian Wei
MICB*033WN330MH105071Prof Tian Wei

Table 2: Confirmatory Sequences

Sequence Cell identification Accession number Submitting author
A*01:01:85DKMS-LSL-A-2120LT972159Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*01:191DKMS-LSL-A-2084LT972123Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*01:240NDKMS-LSL-A-2116LT972155Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*02:695DKMS-LSL-A-2131LT972170Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*02:707DKMS-LSL-A-2159LT971274Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*02:93:01DKMS-LSL-A-2163LT971278Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*03:243DKMS-LSL-A-2087LT972126Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*03:291HG00015480MG930534Dr Histogenetics
A*11:01:68DKMS-LSL-A-2117LT972156Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*11:01:81DKMS-LSL-A-2143LT971258Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
A*24:33MGM-6MH029821Ms Vibhuti Rambani
A*24:386R48991LS399316Prof Edward KL Yang
A*29:12NT02153MH285587Prof Carolyn K Hurley
B*15:160NT02145MH183165Prof Carolyn K Hurley
B*18:01:262016_7299MH294526Dr Mauro Castagnetta
B*18:05:01:02BST1335804MH229820Dr Francesc Rudilla
B*35:351DKMS-LSL-B-2256LT968832Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
B*35:369BST015MH177883Dr Francesc Rudilla
B*39:13:012017-2885MH182679Dr Mauro Castagnetta
B*40:55152220,337441,278530,315998,283289LT992839,LT992856,LT992838,LT992858,LT992840Prof Edward KL Yang
B*49:45DKMS-LSL-B-2237LT968813Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
B*53:17:02NT02146MH183164Prof Carolyn K Hurley
C*03:371HG00013727MG603123Dr Histogenetics
C*03:385BST1307387MG820615Dr Jose Luis Caro Oleas
C*06:139DKMS-LSL-C-1834LT964835Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
C*07:612HG00014167MG724866Dr Histogenetics
C*07:75NT02144MH120422Prof Carolyn K Hurley
C*15:114DKMS-LSL-C-1830LT964831Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab
DRB1*03:144HG00015668MG930643Dr Histogenetics
DRB1*10:25HG00014594,HG00014366MG756901,MG701584Dr Histogenetics
DRB1*10:26HG00015220MG805447Dr Histogenetics
DRB1*11:04:15HG00014657,HG00015669,HG00013921,HG00015182MG805423,MG769839,MG701573,MG930644Dr Histogenetics
DRB1*13:251HG00014592MG756899Dr Histogenetics
DPB1*20:01:04DKMS-LSL-DPB1-1654LT718988Ms DKMS Life Sciences Lab

Table 3: Recently Published Sequences

Sequence References


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