Nomenclature for Factors of the HLA System

December 2014

Compiled by Steven G. E. Marsh for the WHO Nomenclature Committee for Factors of the HLA System.

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The following sequences have been submitted to the Nomenclature Committee since the November 2014 nomenclature update and, following agreed policy, have been assigned official allele designations. Full details of all sequences will be published in a forthcoming report.

Below are listed the newly assigned sequences (Table 1) and confirmations of previously reported sequences (Table 2). The accession number of each sequence is given and these can be used to retrieve the sequence files from the EMBL, GenBank or DDBJ data libraries. Although accession numbers have been assigned by the data-libraries and most sequences are already available, there is still the possibility that an author may not yet have allowed the sequence to be released; in such a case you will have to contact the submitting author directly. Additional information pertaining to new sequences is often included in the publications describing these alleles; a listing of recent publications that describe new HLA sequences is given in Table 3.

All new and confirmatory sequences should now be submitted directly to the WHO Nomenclature Committee for Factors of the HLA System via the IMGT/HLA Database using the sequence submission tool provided (2). The IMGT/HLA Database may be accessed via the world wide web at :

Table 1: New Sequences

Sequence Cell identification Accession number Submitting author
A*01:17093048488KP201574Daniel Fuerst, Ulm, Germany
A*24:294QDKMS-LSL-A-230LN600071DKMS Life Sciences Lab, Dresden, Germany
A*26:109DKMS-LSL-A-298LN681579DKMS Life Sciences Lab, Dresden, Germany
A*33:95H1486KJ606927Xiaojing Wang, Tianjin, China
B*07:02:45BAWALLLN624226Paul Dunn, Auckland, Zealand
B*07:238HG00009327KM282225Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*07:239HG00009328KM081661Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*07:240HG00009329KM365105Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*07:24110957LN680998Maria Loginova, Kirov, Russia
B*13:83ZJ20140318001KP228011Faming Zhu, Hangzhou, China
B*14:43HG00009324KM365104Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*15:341HG00009318KM282235Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*15:343HG00009321KM405361Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*35:03:19DKMS-LSL-B-187LK022006DKMS Life Sciences Lab, Dresden, Germany
Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*35:275HG00009312KM365102Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*35:277HG00009316KM282234Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*35:278HG00009323KM282228Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*35:279CZ-OL-17283LN626612Frantisek Mrazek, Olomouc, Czech Republic
B*39:06:05HG00009331KM282223Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*39:09:03HG00009330KM405366Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*39:100HG00009332KM081664Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*52:44H1869KM051507Xiaojing Wang, Tianjin, China
B*55:70ZJ20140220001KP228010Faming Zhu, Hangzhou, China
B*56:45HG00009322KM282233Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*58:01:18DKMS-LSL-B-183LK022002DKMS Life Sciences Lab, Dresden, Germany
B*58:68HG00009313KM282224Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*58:69HG00009317KM586172Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*01:02:35HG00009333KM586175Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*02:02:30HG00009357KM586174Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*02:93HG00009348KM365109Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*02:94HG00009347KM282246Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*02:95HG00009349KM282241Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*03:06:02HG00009354KM405375Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*03:40:04BY01247KP116932Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
C*03:87:02HG00009353KM454991Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*03:272HG00009351KM081665Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*03:273HG00009352KM365107Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*03:274HG00009355KM081668Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*03:275HG00009356KM282239Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*03:276DKMS-LSL-C-294LN681575DKMS Life Sciences Lab, Dresden, Germany
C*03:277NBY01245KP116930Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
C*04:192HG00009358KM282242Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*04:193HG00009359KM282244Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*04:194HG00009360KM282243Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*05:114HG00009340KM365108Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*07:406HG00009335KF577623Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*07:408HG00009338KM282238Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*07:409HG00009339KM405376Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*08:114BY01244KP116929Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
C*08:115BY01246KP116931Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
C*12:03:32HG00009342KM365110Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*12:03:33HG00009344KM405379Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*12:03:34RMC12480LN681349Maria Loginova, Kirov, Russia
C*12:143LUMC-C-99LN614586Maureen Flink, Leiden, The Netherlands
C*12:144HG00009343KM365112Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*12:145HG00009345KM405377Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*12:146BY01239KP116924Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
C*12:147DKMS-LSL-C-293LN680990DKMS Life Sciences Lab, Dresden, Germany
C*12:148NHG00009346KM405370Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*15:106HG00009350KM405372Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*16:79HG00009341KM405373Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*03:01:24HG00009451KM497471Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*03:118HG00009453KM497475Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*08:66HG00009448KM497489Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*08:67HG00009449KM081669Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*08:68HG00009450KM497481Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*10:01:06HG00009439KM497492Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*10:09HG00009435KM497483Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*10:10HG00009436KM497485Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*10:11HG00009437KM586196Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*10:12HG00009438KM586192Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*10:13HG00009440KM497488Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*10:14HG00009441KM497472Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*11:01:25HG00009459KM586197Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*11:04:12HG00009460KM497493Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*11:173HG00009462KM586189Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*11:174HG00009464KM497494Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*11:175HG00009465KM497478Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*11:17693090841KM023141Daniel Fuerst, Ulm, Germany
DRB1*12:01:07HG00009442KM081670Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*12:01:08HG00009446KM497480Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*12:53HG00009443KM497486Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*12:54HG00009444KM497482Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*12:55HG00009445KM497473Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*13:01:16HG00009457KM586193Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*13:02:11HG00009454KM586190Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*13:171:02HG00009456KM497477Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*13:195HG00009434KM497474Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*13:196HG00009455KM497491Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*14:38:02HG00009458KM497484Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*14:68:02HG00009447KM081671Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*14:126:02INRA342126LN609372Steven GE Marsh, London, United Kingdom
DRB1*15:117HG00009377KM586212Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*16:25HG00009373KM586206Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*16:26HG00009375KM586213Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*16:27HG00009376KM586210Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*16:28HG00009378KM586199Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*16:29HG00009374KM586200Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*02:50HG00009366KM586187Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*02:51HG00009367KM586176Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*02:52DKMS-LSL-DQB1-295LN681576DKMS Life Sciences Lab, Dresden, Germany
DQB1*02:53QDKMS-LSL-DQB1-296LN681577DKMS Life Sciences Lab, Dresden, Germany
DQB1*03:01:27HG00009363KM586185Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*03:01:28HG00009365KM365114Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*03:166M-358417KP019715Kristin Kipper, Martinsried, Germany
DQB1*03:167HG00009364KM365115Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*04:26HG00009371KM586184Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*04:27HG00009372KM586179Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*05:01:01:03DKMS-LSL-DQB1-296LN681578DKMS Life Sciences Lab, Dresden, Germany
DQB1*05:01:19HG00009369KM497463Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*05:88HG00009370KM497465Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*05:8986016123KP225162Daniel Fuerst, Ulm, Germany
DQB1*06:03:18HG00009368KM586186Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*06:167HG00009361KM497464Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DPB1*02:01:16HG00009469KM455002Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DPB1*04:01:25HG00009468KM405418Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DPB1*04:01:26HG00009470KM405389Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DPB1*04:01:27HG00003775KM405404Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DPB1*14:01:02HG00009482KM282254Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DPB1*406:01HG00009471KM282276Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DPB1*407:01HG00009483KM405401Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DPB1*408:01HG00009484KM586226Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DPB1*409:01HG00009485KM405422Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DPB1*410:01HG00009486KM405396Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DPB1*411:01HG00009487KM405395Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DPB1*412:01HG00009488KM405402Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DPB1*413:01HG00009489KM405419Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DPB1*414:01DKMS-LSL-DPB1-290LN680985DKMS Life Sciences Lab, Dresden, Germany
DPB1*415:01DKMS-LSL-DPB1-291LN680986DKMS Life Sciences Lab, Dresden, Germany
DPB1*416:01DKMS-LSL-DPB1-292LN680987DKMS Life Sciences Lab, Dresden, Germany
DPB1*417:01UNC6KP273229Eric Weimer, Chapel Hill, USA

Table 2: Confirmatory Sequences

Sequence Cell identification Accession number Submitting author
A*02:17:0211970LN623524Marcel GJ Tilanus, Maastricht, The Netherlands
A*29:02:0335588LN623521Marcel GJ Tilanus, Maastricht, The Netherlands
B*15:30UNC3KP236588Eric Weimer, Chapel Hill, USA
C*03:137BY01241KP116926Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
C*07:216BY01243KP116928Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
C*12:03:29BY01240KP116925Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
C*12:122BY01242KP116927Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
C*17:09BY01248KP116933Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
DRB1*03:07SCL-116ALN623522Marcel GJ Tilanus, Maastricht, The Netherlands
DRB1*07:0437391HG974601Marcel GJ Tilanus, Maastricht, The Netherlands
DRB1*08:0635913LK391780Marcel GJ Tilanus, Maastricht, The Netherlands
DRB1*08:1038658HG974605Marcel GJ Tilanus, Maastricht, The Netherlands
DRB1*08:11FH42HG974588Marcel GJ Tilanus, Maastricht, The Netherlands
DRB1*08:14FH44HG974604Marcel GJ Tilanus, Maastricht, The Netherlands
DRB1*13:14:0236143LK391781Marcel GJ Tilanus, Maastricht, The Netherlands
DRB1*13:17R.BHG974589Marcel GJ Tilanus, Maastricht, The Netherlands
DRB1*14:1034206LK391779Marcel GJ Tilanus, Maastricht, The Netherlands
DRB1*16:04FOREHG974585Marcel GJ Tilanus, Maastricht, The Netherlands
DQB1*03:13970775LN651272Jane Rowlands, Pontyclun, United Kingdom
DPB1*296:01DKMS-LSL-DPB1-219LN680988DKMS Life Sciences Lab, Dresden, Germany

Table 3: Recently Published Sequences

Sequence References
A*02:481 (4)
A*02:510 (5)
A*03:01:01:01 (6)
A*03:02:01 (6)
A*26:01:36 (7)
A*30:81 (8)
A*74:23 (9)
B*08:122 (10)
B*15:179 (11)
B*57:71 (12)
C*07:375 (13)
DPB1*296:01 (14)


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