Nomenclature for Factors of the HLA System

May 2013

Compiled by Steven G. E. Marsh for the WHO Nomenclature Committee for Factors of the HLA System.

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The following sequences have been submitted to the Nomenclature Committee since the April 2013 nomenclature update and, following agreed policy, have been assigned official allele designations. Full details of all sequences will be published in a forthcoming report.

Below are listed the newly assigned sequences (Table 1) and confirmations of previously reported sequences (Table 2). The accession number of each sequence is given and these can be used to retrieve the sequence files from the EMBL, GenBank or DDBJ data libraries. Although accession numbers have been assigned by the data-libraries and most sequences are already available, there is still the possibility that an author may not yet have allowed the sequence to be released; in such a case you will have to contact the submitting author directly. Additional information pertaining to new sequences is often included in the publications describing these alleles; a listing of recent publications that describe new HLA sequences is given in Table 3. The sequence named B*13:08Q has now been shown to be expressed and detectable on the cell surface, as such the Q suffix has been removed and the allele will be listed as B*13:08.

All new and confirmatory sequences should now be submitted directly to the WHO Nomenclature Committee for Factors of the HLA System via the IMGT/HLA Database using the sequence submission tool provided (2). The IMGT/HLA Database may be accessed via the world wide web at :

Table 1: New Sequences

Sequence Cell identification Accession number Submitting author
A*02:01:89249302HF968495Elena Longhi, Milano, Italy
A*02:426H130157KC904969Faming Zhu, Hangzhou, China
A*02:427frfgr31372HF951970Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
A*02:428MYSKC978885Sung-Hee Han, Seoul, South Korea
A*02:429BY01042KF028600Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
A*02:430BY01041KF028601Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
A*02:431SZ-154KF041480Hong-Yan Zou, Shenzhen, China
A*02:432SZ-159KF059235Hong-Yan Zou, Shenzhen, China
A*03:171BY01051KF028623Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
A*11:119:02356647HF933200Edward KL Yang, Hualien, Taiwan
A*24:02:65CBRA59126149705HF951979Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
A*24:241F04713KF039685Keming Du, Shanghai, China
A*26:9260659HF677706Jane Rowlands, Pontyclun, United Kingdom
A*30:77216723HF937075Elisabeth Keller, Munich, Germany
A*30:78NBY01022KF028619Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
A*68:01:20BY01043KF028630Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
A*68:10193088886KC980910Daniel Fuerst, Ulm, Germany
B*07:33:02BY01031KF028611Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*07:194HG00005805KC592323Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*07:195HG00005806KC441491Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*07:196HG00005808KC592317Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*07:197HG00005809KC748287Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*07:198HG00005810KC859251Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*13:70LinCKC493157Chunji Gao, Beijing, China
B*14:34HG00005802KC424465Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*14:35HG00005803KC424469Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*14:36HG00005804KC592320Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*14:37BY01036KF028606Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*15:01:33HG00005789KC537767Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*15:279HG00005790KC424467Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*15:280HG00005792KC748288Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*15:281BY01040KF028602Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*15:282BY01048KF028624Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*27:106BY01028KF028614Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*35:01:38HG00005768KC592310Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*35:232BY01049KF028625Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*35:23312A12308KF032077Carmen Alaez, Mexico, Mexico
B*39:06:03HG00005811KC473869Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*39:83ID-1615378KC565476Gisele Rampim, Sao Paulo, Brazil
B*40:243F03868KC970433Keming Du, Shanghai, China
B*40:244BY01034KF028608Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*40:245BY01029KF028613Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*40:246BY01025KF028616Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*44:177HG00005812KC592324Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*44:178HG00005813KC503865Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*44:179BY01039KF028603Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*44:180BY01052KF028622Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*44:181BY01044KF028629Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*46:40HG00005799KC632164Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*46:41NP13160KC970440Keming Du, Shanghai, China
B*51:01:42HG00005800KC632166Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*51:154HG00005798KC748242Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*52:02:02F05242KC970442Keming Du, Shanghai, China
B*53:31R51102HF952171Hien Tran, Heidelberg, Germany
B*55:01:11HG00005797KC592315Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*55:59HG00005794KC503867Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*56:41HG00005793KC503866Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*56:42BY01046KF028626Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*57:65HG00005791KC748245Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*58:16:02HG00005769KC603608Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*58:44147723905HF951971Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
B*58:45346597HF933202Edward KL Yang, Hualien, Taiwan
B*58:46BY01038KF028605Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
C*01:02:19HG00005814KC424463Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*01:7714723883HF951973Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
C*01:78SZ-156KF049216Hong-Yan Zou, Shenzhen, China
C*02:68HG00005837KC592338Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*03:02:02:03BSM252KC788178Oh-Joong Kwon, Seoul, South Korea
C*03:02:10HG00005836KC503871Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*03:191HG00005815KC592332Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*03:192HG00005846KC592327Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*03:193HG00005847KC603577Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*03:194HG00005848KC473874Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*03:195FGR31384HF951975Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
C*04:01:52HG00005855KC748286Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*04:03:02SZ-155KF049215Hong-Yan Zou, Shenzhen, China
C*04:147HG00005838KC748248Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*04:148HG00005851KC503870Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*04:149HG00005853KC592330Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*04:150HG00005854KC503874Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*04:151HG00005856KC424462Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*05:01:27HG00005829KC592334Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*05:93NGR001HE995438Laura Bungener, Groningen, The Netherlands
C*05:9414729181HF951984Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
C*06:101HG00005817KC632168Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*06:102HG00005820KC503869Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*07:01:34HG00005827KC537769Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*07:02:42HG00005824KC859254Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*07:02:43HG00005828KC503873Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*07:309HG00005816KC473873Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*07:310HG00005821KC592331Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*07:311HG00005823KC441496Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*07:312HG00005825KC473877Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*07:313HG00005826KC592328Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*07:314M4791HF913728Vincent Elsermans, Lille cedex, France
C*08:72:02HG00005830KC424461Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*08:78BSBKC978883Sung-Hee Han, Seoul, South Korea
C*12:97HG00005831KC748280Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*12:98HG00005833KC859253Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*12:99HG00005834KC748257Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*15:02:16HG00005841KC859255Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*15:05:09HG00005849KC537770Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*15:67HG00005839KC503876Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*15:68HG00005840KC632170Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*15:69HG00005843KC603578Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*15:70HG00005844KC441497Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*15:71HG00005845KC748249Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*16:59HG00005832KC748254Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*18:07NHG00005818KC592325Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
E*01:06CB0054KC894734Luciana Veiga-Castelli, Ribeirao Preto, Brazil
DRB1*01:29:02DKMS-LSL-DRB1-36HF937407DKMS Life Science, Dresden, Germany
DRB1*03:91DKMS-LSL-DRB1-38HF937409DKMS Life Science, Dresden, Germany
DRB1*04:159DKMS-LSL-DRB1-35HF937406DKMS Life Science, Dresden, Germany
DRB1*04:160DKMS-LSL-DRB1-40HF937411DKMS Life Science, Dresden, Germany
DRB1*07:01:05DKMS-LSL-DRB1-42HF937412DKMS Life Science, Dresden, Germany
DRB1*07:01:06DKMS-LSL-DRB1-44HF937414DKMS Life Science, Dresden, Germany
DRB1*07:01:07245626HF968493Elena Longhi, Milano, Italy
DRB1*07:25DKMS-LSL-DRB1-43HF937413DKMS Life Science, Dresden, Germany
DRB1*07:26NDKMS-LSL-DRB1-41HF937425DKMS Life Science, Dresden, Germany
DRB1*08:54CBRA59126099138HF951974Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
DRB1*10:01:04DKMS-LSL-DRB1-45HF937415DKMS Life Science, Dresden, Germany
DRB1*10:06DKMS-LSL-DRB1-46HF937416DKMS Life Science, Dresden, Germany
DRB1*11:23:02281160141HF937365Jue Wang, Chengdu, China
DRB1*13:162DKMS-LSL-DRB1-37HF937408DKMS Life Science, Dresden, Germany
DRB1*13:163DKMS-LSL-DRB1-39HF937410DKMS Life Science, Dresden, Germany
DRB1*13:164BY01054KF028632Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
DRB1*15:95DKMS-LSL-DRB1-48HF937417DKMS Life Science, Dresden, Germany
DRB1*15:96DKMS-LSL-DRB1-51HF937420DKMS Life Science, Dresden, Germany
DRB1*16:01:04DKMS-LSL-DRB1-52HF937421DKMS Life Science, Dresden, Germany
DRB1*16:01:05DKMS-LSL-DRB1-3HF937422DKMS Life Science, Dresden, Germany
DRB1*16:24DKMS-LSL-DRB1-49HF937418DKMS Life Science, Dresden, Germany
DQB1*02:30HG00005867KC473883Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*02:31HG00005868KC503878Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*03:01:17HG00005859KC537776Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*03:01:18HG00005865KC537782Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*03:03:07D10104809HE804208Jinghui Qu, Shenzhen, China
DQB1*03:74HG00005860KC632182Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*03:75HG00005861KC441501Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*03:76HG00005862KC473880Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*03:77HG00005864KC748263Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*03:78HG00005866KC592341Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*03:79D10125259HE804213Jinghui Qu, Shenzhen, China
DQB1*03:80D10040708HE804214Jinghui Qu, Shenzhen, China
DQB1*04:13D10116459HE804221Jinghui Qu, Shenzhen, China
DQB1*06:85HG00005858KC592352Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*06:86D10016840HE804264Jinghui Qu, Shenzhen, China
DQB1*06:87D10060249HE804262Jinghui Qu, Shenzhen, China
DQB1*06:88D10109075HE804266Jinghui Qu, Shenzhen, China
DQB1*06:8940763103KC879155Paul Hoertnagl, Innsbruck, Austria

Table 2: Confirmatory Sequences

Sequence Cell identification Accession number Submitting author
A*01:13214729113HF951977Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
A*02:08FRFLY20522HF951978Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
A*02:66CBRA59126119805HF951976Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
A*68:02:01:03BY01021KF028620Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*08:10114729148HF951980Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
B*13:0863878HF937220Jane Rowlands, Pontyclun, United Kingdom
B*14:0856468HF937221Jane Rowlands, Pontyclun, United Kingdom
B*15:47:02BY01047KF028627Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*18:77BY01033KF028609Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*35:227F02956KC970441Keming Du, Shanghai, China
B*38:15348734HF933201Edward KL Yang, Hualien, Taiwan
B*40:175BY01027KF028615Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*40:197BY01053KF028621Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*44:03:18CBRA59126134474HF951981Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
B*44:37:0123546353HF952207Thibaut Gervais, Brussels, Belgium
B*44:146BY01032KF028610Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*51:01:34BY01035KF028607Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*52:01:12BY01037KF028604Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*53:17:02BY01030KF028612Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*55:54HG00005796KC592311Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*03:10114729130HF951982Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
C*04:23FRFGR31452HF951983Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
C*06:93FRFLY20440HF951973Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
C*07:09HG00005822KC632172Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*14:47N14729172HF951985Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
C*15:02:08HG00005842KC441499Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*08:03:03HG00005908KC473887Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*08:206005041HF952622Katherine Mounsey, Leeds, United Kingdom
Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*15:78BY01023KF028631Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
DRB1*15:94HG00005898KC473888Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*03:01:08HG00005863KC592355Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*03:13D261617HE995409Edward KL Yang, Hualien, Taiwan
Histogenetics, Ossining, USA

Table 3: Recently Published Sequences

Sequence References


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