Nomenclature for Factors of the HLA System

April 2013

Compiled by Steven G. E. Marsh for the WHO Nomenclature Committee for Factors of the HLA System.

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The following sequences have been submitted to the Nomenclature Committee since the March 2013 nomenclature update and, following agreed policy, have been assigned official allele designations. Full details of all sequences will be published in a forthcoming report.

Below are listed the newly assigned sequences (Table 1) and confirmations of previously reported sequences (Table 2). The accession number of each sequence is given and these can be used to retrieve the sequence files from the EMBL, GenBank or DDBJ data libraries. Although accession numbers have been assigned by the data-libraries and most sequences are already available, there is still the possibility that an author may not yet have allowed the sequence to be released; in such a case you will have to contact the submitting author directly. Additional information pertaining to new sequences is often included in the publications describing these alleles; a listing of recent publications that describe new HLA sequences is given in Table 3.

All new and confirmatory sequences should now be submitted directly to the WHO Nomenclature Committee for Factors of the HLA System via the IMGT/HLA Database using the sequence submission tool provided (2). The IMGT/HLA Database may be accessed via the world wide web at :

Table 1: New Sequences

Sequence Cell identification Accession number Submitting author
A*01:01:57HG00005745KC424451Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*01:01:58HG00005747KC503858Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*01:131RE146038HF922598Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
A*01:132RE146032HF922599Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
A*01:133HG00005746KC748235Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*02:01:87HG00005757KC424454Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*02:01:88HG00005760KC592304Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*02:418JRC-D31-014AB808783Kenji Tadokoro, Tokyo, Japan
A*02:419BY01012KC801943Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
A*02:420BY01011KC801935Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
A*02:421HG00005756KC592308Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*02:422HG00005758KC592299Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*02:423HG00005759KC748237Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*02:424HG00005761KC424452Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*02:42513020601KC867275Mingrui Huo, Beijing, China
A*03:01:41HG00005751KC473868Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*03:01:42HG00005753KC473867Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*03:01:43HG00005754KC424456Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*03:123:02HG00005750KC473864Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*03:167BY01016KC801939Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
A*03:168N2013020605KC632523Adolfo Eiras, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
A*03:169HG00005748KC424459Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*03:170HG00005749KC424457Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*11:01:48HG00005730KC473865Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*11:01:49F00311KC970430Keming Du, Shanghai, China
A*11:143JRC-D79-026AB808782Kenji Tadokoro, Tokyo, Japan
A*11:1442853070HE574651Jue Wang, Chengdu, China
A*11:145BY01014KC801941Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
A*11:146RE146023HF922600Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
A*23:59HG00005738KC503859Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*24:74:02BY01018KC801936Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
A*24:2335321100820KC812245Xiaoyun Chi, Qingdao, China
A*24:234CBRA59126096500HF922597Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
A*24:235HG00005739KC748234Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*24:236HG00005740KC603574Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*24:237HG00005741KC592298Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*24:238HG00005742KC424453Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*24:239HG00005743KC592305Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*24:240NHG00005744KC592296Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*26:01:28HG00005732KC473866Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*26:01:29HG00005733KC592306Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*26:86JRC-D79-031AB808781Kenji Tadokoro, Tokyo, Japan
A*26:87BY01006KC801946Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
A*26:88BY01010KC801944Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
A*26:895351100235KC812246Xiaoyun Chi, Qingdao, China
A*26:90RE146029HF922601Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
A*26:91HG00005734KC592303Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*29:54HG00005727KC748233Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*30:02:11HG00005735KC632158Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*30:02:12HG00005755KC503857Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*30:75HG00005736KC748239Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*30:76NHG00005737KC424450Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*32:58HG00005752KC592307Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*33:69HG00005728KC748275Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*33:70HG00005729KC748271Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*07:19123486498HF933205Thibaut Gervais, Brussels, Belgium
B*07:19223467066HF912237Thibaut Gervais, Brussels, Belgium
B*07:193BY01020KC801933Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*08:01:21HG00005766KC632167Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*08:109RE146025HF922602Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
B*08:110HG00005765KC603602Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*13:685351100522KC812247Xiaoyun Chi, Qingdao, China
B*13:69F01707KC970431Keming Du, Shanghai, China
B*15:27612-1164KC511054Michele Curcio, Pisa, Italy
B*18:90RE146040HF922603Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
B*18:91HG00005764KC748295Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*35:231R50644HF912276Hien Tran, Heidelberg, Germany
B*40:01:31F00327KC970429Keming Du, Shanghai, China
B*40:239JRC-D44-017AB808785Kenji Tadokoro, Tokyo, Japan
B*40:240HG00005763KC748243Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*40:241F01891KC970432Keming Du, Shanghai, China
B*40:242F04525KC970434Keming Du, Shanghai, China
B*41:28HG00005762KC441495Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*44:176HG00005767KC441492Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*46:3927944686KC788180Oh-Joong Kwon, Seoul, South Korea
B*48:31CB9910FKC847066Zhaoxia Lu, Jinan, China
B*51:15360709106KC786226Antonio Balas, Madrid, Spain
B*54:29H130111KC848770Faming Zhu, Hangzhou, China
B*56:40F00066KC970428Keming Du, Shanghai, China
B*58:01:13B01042KC970436Keming Du, Shanghai, China
B*59:06JRC-D01-130AB808784Kenji Tadokoro, Tokyo, Japan
C*04:146RE146033HF922604Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
C*05:92N13206826KC895551Daniel Fuerst, Ulm, Germany
C*06:100137649, 137742KC832840Runying Tian, Durham, USA
C*07:308137967KC836504Elaine Hodges, Durham, USA
C*16:58RE146027HF922605Dominique Masson, La Tronche, France
E*01:05665P261026KC895550Daniel Fuerst, Ulm, Germany
DQB1*03:73B00676KC970435Keming Du, Shanghai, China
DQB1*05:27137641, 137830KC776937Runying Tian, Durham, USA
DPB1*162:01IME 2613KC684423Manuela Testi, Rome, Italy

Table 2: Confirmatory Sequences

Sequence Cell identification Accession number Submitting author
A*01:98HG00005664KC253909Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*02:01:38HG00005666JN124084Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*03:74HG00005665JQ964633Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*11:112HG00005731KC592301Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
A*24:196BY01013KC801942Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
A*24:215BY01019KC801934Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
A*24:33MDA0000129KC845214Kai Cao, Houston, USA
A*68:31MDA0000109KC818637Kai Cao, Houston, USA
A*68:99BY01008KC801948Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*07:62HG00005682JX482004Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*07:74HG00005681HM467521Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*07:149HG00005680JX290336Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*08:71HG00005671KC253920Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*15:01:06MDA0000135KC845220Kai Cao, Houston, USA
B*15:09MDA0000126KC818653Kai Cao, Houston, USA
B*15:34MDA0000136KC845221Kai Cao, Houston, USA
B*15:236HG00005674JX482005Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*18:01:08HG00005670JX970477Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*18:28HG00005669HM594788Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*39:02:02MDA0000130KC845215Kai Cao, Houston, USA
B*44:64:02HG00005673JX441346Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*44:77HG00005672JX228013Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*51:65HG00005679HM467520Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*53:29BY01017KC801937Carolyn K Hurley, Washington DC, USA
B*55:01:06HG00005678KC019946Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
B*57:26HG00005675JX228014Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*01:59HG00005684JQ997140Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*02:19HG00005709GQ240431Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*03:07MDA0000111KC818639Kai Cao, Houston, USA
C*03:08MDA0000131KC845216Kai Cao, Houston, USA
C*03:14 MDA0000114,
KC818642Kai Cao, Houston, USA
C*03:42HG00005710GQ161077Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*03:100MDA0000112KC818640Kai Cao, Houston, USA
C*04:06 MDA0000113,
KC818641Kai Cao, Houston, USA
C*04:07MDA0000133KC845218Kai Cao, Houston, USA
C*04:19MDA0000117KC818645Kai Cao, Houston, USA
C*05:34HG00005699JX228040Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*05:39HG00005700JX228042Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*06:02:08HG00005687JX174615Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*06:02:12HG00005689JX228049Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*06:07MDA0000116KC818644Kai Cao, Houston, USA
C*06:09MDA0000118KC818646Kai Cao, Houston, USA
Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*06:23HG00005688JX174624Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*07:01:08MDA0000132KC845217Kai Cao, Houston, USA
C*07:01:10HG00005695JX228041Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*07:07MDA0000134KC845219Kai Cao, Houston, USA
C*07:19MDA0000137KC845222Kai Cao, Houston, USA
C*07:35MDA0000138KC845223Kai Cao, Houston, USA
C*07:93HG00005690JX174616Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*07:119HG00005691JQ031239Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*07:127HG00005696JX228025Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*07:137:02HG00005694JN561735Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*07:307MDA0000110KC818638Kai Cao, Houston, USA
C*08:10MDA0000119KC818647Kai Cao, Houston, USA
C*12:04:02MDA0000139KC845224Kai Cao, Houston, USA
C*12:13MDA0000120KC818648Kai Cao, Houston, USA
C*12:24HG00005705JX228026Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*12:47HG00005708JN119482Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*12:54HG00005704JQ031243Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*14:05MDA0000122KC818650Kai Cao, Houston, USA
Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*15:06:01MDA0000123KC818651Kai Cao, Houston, USA
C*15:18MDA0000124KC818652Kai Cao, Houston, USA
C*16:14HG00005706JQ007688Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
C*17:01:03HG00005707JX188040Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*01:01:12MDA0000125KC818654Kai Cao, Houston, USA
DRB1*01:26HG00005725JX970511Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DRB1*03:07MDA0000127KC818655Kai Cao, Houston, USA
DRB1*03:15MDA0000128KC818656Kai Cao, Houston, USA
DRB1*03:50HG00005726JX458901Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQA1*05:03218958HF933204Klaus Witter, M´┐Żnchen, Germany
DQB1*02:26HG00005718JX992576Histogenetics, Ossining, USA
DQB1*03:72577087KC786225Antonio Balas, Madrid, Spain
DPB1*41:01:012013010402KC763179Adolfo Eiras, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Table 3: Recently Published Sequences

Sequence References


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