Nomenclature for Factors of the HLA System

Octboer 2006

Compiled by Steven G. E. Marsh for the WHO Nomenclature Committee for Factors of the HLA System.

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The following sequences have been submitted to the Nomenclature Committee since the September 2006 nomenclature update and, following agreed policy, have been assigned official allele designations. Full details of all sequences will be published in a forthcoming report.

Below are listed the newly assigned sequences (Table 1) and confirmations of previously reported sequences (Table 2). The accession number of each sequence is given and these can be used to retrieve the sequence files from either the EMBL, GenBank or DDBJ data libraries. Although accession numbers have been assigned by the data libraries and most sequences are already available, there is still the possibility that an author may not yet have allowed the sequence to be released, in such a case you will have to contact the submitting author directly. Additional information pertaining to new sequences is often included in the publications describing these alleles, a listing of recent publications which describe new HLA sequences is given in Table 3.

All new and confirmatory sequences should now be submitted directly to the WHO Nomenclature Committee for Factors of the HLA System via the IMGT/HLA Database using the sequence submission tool provided. The IMGT/HLA Database may be accessed via the world wide web at :

Table 1: New Sequences

Sequence Cell identification Accession number Submitting Author References
A*240213 91339 EF061083 Mary Sue Leffell, Baltimore, USA  
A*2467 166914 AM408111 Klaus Witter, M´┐Żnchen, Germany  
A*6836 CTM-5098515 EF062994 Antonio Balas, Madrid, Spain (1)
A*9205 0601119,
AM404080 Eduard Palou, Badalona, Spain  
A*9206 HZB13619 EF062306 Lixing Yan, Hangzhou, China  
B*1823N DZA05-5 AM403098 Silvia Ulrich, Graz, Austria  
B*1824 R1088 EF050739 Min Yu, Chicago, USA  
B*3569 HSE-11012(JGS EF025767 Maria Elisa Moraes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
B*4070 273 DQ914641 Huafang Gao, Beijing, China  
B*4450 HM-7755(LAS EF025768 Maria Elisa Moraes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
B*4451 92637 EF057103 Mary Sue Leffell, Baltimore, USA  
Cw*0743 UCLA-DNAExt#364 AM402967 Rainer Blasczyk, Hannover, Germany  
DRB1*0461 28471 EF059809 Edward KL Yang, Hualien, Taiwan  
DRB1*1375 2551087 EF053230 Francisco de Paula Sanchez Gordo, Malaga, Spain  
DRB1*1463 Xian7454 DQ643390 Shihui Ye, Xi`an, China  
DQB1*0629 MHHZ-00023226 AM403489 Rainer Blasczyk, Hannover, Germany  

Table 2: Confirmatory Sequences

Sequence Cell Identification Accession Number Submitting Author References
A*2631 HSE-10861(FLS) EF025769 Maria Elisa Moraes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
A*6835 MHHZ-00016776 AM286801 Rainer Blasczyk, Hannover, Germany  
MICA*01801 NIH_MGC_89 BC016929 Robert Strausberg, Bethesda, USA (2)

Table 3: Recently Published Sequences

Sequence References
A*2631 (3)
B*1313 (4)
B*4446 (5)
B*5516 (4)
B*9512 (4)
E*01010101 (6)
E*01010102 (6)
E*01030101 (6)
E*01030102 (6)
E*010302 (6)
E*010304 (6)
F*01010101 (6)
F*01010102 (6)
F*01010103 (6)
F*01010104 (6)
F*01010105 (6)
F*01010106 (6)
F*01010107 (6)
F*01010201 (6)
F*01010202 (6)
F*01010203 (6)
F*01010204 (6)
F*01010205 (6)
F*01010301 (6)
F*01010302 (6)
F*01010303 (6)
F*01010304 (6)
F*0102 (6)
F*01030101 (6)
F*01030102 (6)
F*0104 (6)
G*01010101 (6)
G*01010102 (6)
G*01010103 (6)
G*01010104 (6)
G*01010105 (6)
G*01010201 (6)
G*01010202 (6)
G*010106 (6)
G*010109 (6)
G*010110 (6)
G*0103 (6)
G*0105N (6)
G*0107 (6)
DRB1*1457 (4)
DRB1*1460 (7)
DRB1*1520 (8)


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