Nomenclature for Factors of the HLA System

March 2006

Compiled by Steven G. E. Marsh for the WHO Nomenclature Committee for Factors of the HLA System.

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The following sequences have been submitted to the Nomenclature Committee since the February 2006 nomenclature update and, following agreed policy, have been assigned official allele designations. Full details of all sequences will be published in a forthcoming report.

Below are listed the newly assigned sequences (Table 1) and confirmations of previously reported sequences (Table 2). The accession number of each sequence is given and these can be used to retrieve the sequence files from either the EMBL, GenBank or DDBJ data libraries. Although accession numbers have been assigned by the data libraries and most sequences are already available, there is still the possibility that an author may not yet have allowed the sequence to be released, in such a case you will have to contact the submitting author directly. Additional information pertaining to new sequences is often included in the publications describing these alleles, a listing of recent publications which describe new HLA sequences is given in Table 3.

All new and confirmatory sequences should now be submitted directly to the WHO Nomenclature Committee for Factors of the HLA System via the IMGT/HLA Database using the sequence submission tool provided. The IMGT/HLA Database may be accessed via the world wide web at :

Table 1: New Sequences

Sequence Cell Identification Accession Number Submitting Author References
A*0118N GH AY174762,
Anthony Shrimpton, Syracuse, USA  
A*0119 AML145,
Wolfgang Altermann, Halle, Germany  
A*0296 U9121.A AB121736 Phil Paul, Cleveland, USA  
A*3408 NT00653 DQ436814,
Carolyn K. Hurley, Washington, USA  
B*0828 90082725 AM072963 Veronika Brixner, Frankfurt, Germany  
B*0829 CTM-4096286 DQ417689 Antonio Balas, Madrid, Spain  
B*2735 UAS13072 AM233491 Mats Bengtsson, Uppsala, Sweden  
B*350802 2005/1979 AM234615 Blanka Vidan-Jeras, Ljubljana, Slovenia  
B*3567 TBC14770 AB248241 Masahiro Satake, Tokyo, Japan  
B*370103 BY00082 DQ436824,
Carolyn K. Hurley, Washington, USA  
B*3813 NT00652 DQ436818,
Carolyn K. Hurley, Washington, USA  
B*4065 MHHN-141191 AM233904 Rainer Blasczyk, Hannover, Germany  
B*4815 NT00654 DQ436816,
Carolyn K. Hurley, Washington, USA  
B*9514 HXX1277 AM229665,
Wolfgang Altermann, Halle, Germany  
Cw*0325 M2005-00321,
Thomas M. Williams, Albuquerque, USA  
DRB1*0114 Xian8576 DQ412558 Mengli Liu, Xi'an, China  
DRB1*0115 VTIS89969 DQ133167 Brian D. Tait, Parkville, Melbourne, Australia  
DRB1*0711 2005-228-01385 AM233523 Brian Norvell, Burlington, USA  
DRB1*1457 12973 DQ235685,
Tongmao Zhao, Bethesda, USA  
DRB1*1458 PL4737 DQ358688 Thomas Karvunidis, Pilsen, Czech Republic  
DQB1*030504 IA AM231062 Bouke Hepkema, Groningen, The Netherlands  
DPB1*1802 CDC022206 DQ386161 Suzanne Cordovado, Atlanta, USA  
MICA*00804 PGF AL645933 Stephan Beck, Cambridge, UK (1)

Table 2: Confirmatory Sequences

Sequence Cell Identification Accession Number Submitting Author References
A*0285 NT00656 DQ436822,
Carolyn K. Hurley, Washington, USA  
A*3112 NT00655 DQ436820,
Carolyn K. Hurley, Washington, USA  
B*0736 UAS12342,
AM231297 Mats Bengtsson, Uppsala, Sweden  
B*2707 23444 AM233567 Thibaut Gervais, Brussels, Belgium  
B*4429 VTIS125413 AY829223,
Brian D. Tait, Parkville, Melbourne, Australia  
Cw*1504 27289 AM234714 Thibaut Gervais, Brussels, Belgium  
DRB3*01010201 COX AL662842 Stephan Beck, Cambridge, UK (1)
DRB3*020201 QBL AL929581 Stephan Beck, Cambridge, UK (2)
MICA*001 QBL AL845443 Stephan Beck, Cambridge, UK (2)
MICA*00801 COX AL669854 Stephan Beck, Cambridge, UK (1)
MICB*004 PGF AL663061 Stephan Beck, Cambridge, UK (1)
MICB*00502 QBL BX001040 Stephan Beck, Cambridge, UK (2)
MICB*008 COX AL662866 Stephan Beck, Cambridge, UK (1)

Table 3: Recently Published Sequences

Sequence References
A*0287 (3)
A*1115 (4)
A*2313 (5)
A*2911 (6)
A*3308 (7)
A*680104 (8)
A*6827 (6)
B*0743 (9)
B*1586 (10)
B*3710 (11)
B*4905 (12)
Cw*30404 (13)
Cw*1217 (13)
DRB1*0826 (14)
DRB1*0904 (15)
DRB1*1152 (16)
DQB1*0627 (14)


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